Sharing the art of code 💻

Hey there,

I'm creating Codelet to show the world how much creativity is involved in CS and how easy it is to get started yet so much potential it has.

We're working on a few initiatives that we're aiming to launch TBD, and I'm hoping to get your support. Here are a few ways to get involved. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

~ Linkai Wu, Founder & Project Lead

Our mission

We support creative expression in computer science.

New coders often get believe the stigma that programming is difficult and only mathematically oriented. In fact, computer science has so much potential for creativity, but many traditional educational structures only present a narrow-minded view of the industry.

The truth is, the world is not black and white, 1s and 0s, true and false — so CS education shouldn't be either. We're creating Codelet to raise exposure and provide interactive resources and tools to support the creative expression that the field is lacking.

What we do

We're bringing change to the CS education space.

We're teaming up with educators to share free interactive tools, resources, and classroom tools for creative coding.


Self-guided workshops

An online directory of interactive lessons and videos to teach individuals how to code with creative libraries.


Resources for educators

Workshop instructions and tools for the classroom with a creative approach to coding.


A actually fun gamified platform

An online gamified platform that students will actually enjoy to learn and practice coding. 🎮


An inclusive community

We support people of all races, genders, and backgrounds, because everyone deserves an opportunity in the tech industry.

Get involved

Join us in our mission to make creative coding more accessible.

Get the latest updates on our initiatives, opportunities, and tech-related news!

We're looking to partner with organizations and educators to launch our initiatives with.

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Interested in joining our team?

Applications will be open to all high school students and beyond, and will be accepted on a rolling basis.